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"​More than forty homes disseminated in the world, to bring relief to the disadvantaged and especially to teach a trade and a profession to the young ones, so that their once bleak future could become hopeful and dignified. His life, for the responsible and selfless involvement in any sort of underprivileged social situation, can capture the heart of believers and non believers, because every human being can appreciate the gift of unconditional love, and such was Arturo D'Onofrio's life."

Life of Fr. Arturo D'Onofrio 

The “Father of the Orphans of the World”

The Servant of God, Fr. Arturo D’Onofrio, was born in Visciano, on the 8th of August 1914. He was the third son of Chiara Fusco and Luigi D’Onofrio. The couple already had two boys when he arrived, and a fourth child would come after Arturo, a girl. The father Luigi was known for his humble and charitable nature. He worked as a livestock broker, whilst at the same time looked after his own land which provided the family a reasonable profit. The mother, Donna Chiara as she was known in the village, was a very austere and authoritarian woman who ran a well-stocked grocery shop. Thus, we can say that the family of Father Arturo was, if not wealthy, certainly comfortable, especially if one considers the difficult financial times that Italy and most of Europe were going through at the beginning of last century.

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